About UCCS

University Communications and Creative Services exists in order to champion the brand, identity and image of the university. The following are a sampling of the most common ways UCCS helps accomplish that overarching goal.

How Can UCCS Help You?

Need operational materials (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, forms, etc.) designed?

UCCS is responsible for maintaining the look of approved designs. Submit a request for your design by contacting UCCS. Please email to uccs@southeastern.edu or fax to 985-549-2061.

Need a copy of the university logo?

The construction of the logo should never be changed. When enlarging artwork, care should be taken that it is not stretched or condensed beyond its original proportions. It should never be altered or re-drawn. It should only be reproduced from original artwork that you can request from UCCS.

Are you looking for the logo seen on the website?

This type-only treatment of the identity is used on the Southeastern Web pages, on certain billboards, in recruiting materials, and in certain other applications. It should not be recreated using typefaces or fonts, but can be obtained from UCCS.

Do you want to have a departmental logo?

While some units within the University have their own logos, standard branding practice dictates that the institution's official logo must be predominant in its communications. Departmental logos should never be larger or in any way overshadow the official university logo. UCCS will assist colleges and departments in developing a type treatment of their name that complements the Southeastern logo. Please contact UCCS for assistance.

Need to promote an event or publicize an award, student accomplishment or newsworthy activity?

UCCS will help craft communications (whether via social media, website, news release or advertising when appropriate) to ensure the appropriate audiences view your message. The more advanced notice provided when there is need for promotion, the more effective news placement can be planned. Please contact UCCS as early as possible to request assistance for promotion and/or publicity.

Need help creating posters, brochures or other print materials?

UCCS will assist with content creation, design and printing/production of such items. Again, it is best when UCCS has ample time to conduct such work before the final product is needed. Please contact UCCS as early as possible to request assistance with specialized materials.

Have an upcoming photo opportunity on campus?

UCCS welcomes the chance to find out about especially photo-worthy goings-on on campus that can be used to help promote the university’s overall brand. UCCS will schedule a photographer to attend events and/or activities that warrant photography coverage. Please contact UCCS as early as possible in order to make sure your event/activity can be scheduled with the photographer.

Want to run an advertisement?

UCCS maintains relationships and often special pricing arrangements with various media outlets. When departmental budgets permit advertising purchases, UCCS will work to help determine the media that will best reach the target audience; design artwork to meet media specifications; and then place and purchase the advertising. Please contact UCCS as early as possible to request assistance with advertising especially since some media have deadlines far in advance of their actual production schedules.

Want to submit a public records request? 

UCCS will coordinate any public records requests that come to the university. As an agency of the State of Louisiana, Southeastern is subject to specific laws governing the duplication and distribution of records and documents. Request must be submitted in writing to the UCCS director.