Success Matters - Jamie Ban Vogel

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer—Oschner Medical Center

BS in Kinesiology, 2016

Jamie Ban Vogel, originally from Covington and a 2016 graduate with a major in kinesiology and minor in health promotion, has achieved a rewarding career by following her ambition to help others. She describes her current position as a diagnostic medical sonographer with pride. “As a sonographer I verify physician orders and procedures to assure accuracy, explain the procedure to the patient to ensure understanding, independently operate ultrasound equipment to complete imaging procedure according to protocol, and review patient images prior to transmission to ensure images meet diagnostic quality standards. I also assist the radiologists in guided procedures,” she said.

Jamie Ban Vogel

The investigative and varied nature of this type of work fascinates Jamie. “Every day I am learning something new about the human body, my career, and myself,” she noted. “We get to see some pretty neat pathology and assist with procedures, making every day different and non-repetitive.”

In addition to the work itself, Jamie also very much enjoys her workplace environment. The young alumna talks about how much she appreciates and values the teamwork, atmosphere of positivity, and availability of state-of-the-art technology and tools.

While Jamie does indeed take great pride in her current work, she also believes in continually learning and growing. Jamie is currently studying to become a registered vascular technologist. “I will soon be registered in assisting physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of disorders and diseases affecting the vascular system,” she said.

Jamie knew from an early age that she wanted to go into the medical field, working directly with patients. She discussed how Southeastern helped her get to where she is now. “I received an amazing education at Southeastern. Through my time in the Kinesiology Building, I developed a better appreciation and understanding of the human body and how it works,” she said.

Jamie particularly credits her professors for helping her gain such skills and knowledge. “My favorite thing about my program of study was the professors. Each professor made class interesting and used relatable terms and examples to help students better understand the subject.”

Outside of classes and studying, Jamie also kept busy by becoming involved with several campus organizations—something that she recommends all students do in order to make the most out of their college years. She was a member of Phi Mu, the Rec Sports and Wellness Council, Southeastern’s chapter of Ducks Unlimited, and the Homecoming Court. Additionally, Jamie recently married another class of 2016 Southeastern graduate, creating a true Southeastern family.

by: Sheri Gibson