Graphic Identity Standards

The logo and marks of a university are important components of a consistent communications structure.  Logos are the initial identifier of the university and it is important that everyone is using these elements correctly.

The Southeastern Graphic Identity Standards have been in place for many years. They were created to ensure the success of Southeastern's visual identity as a communications tool. Consistent and proper presentation of the university's logo, wordmark and colors is essential for establishing identity awareness in local and regional markets. This online guide provides faculty, staff, and students the tools needed to correctly promote to the university's marks.

We have revised the manual recently to further unify the university's look and marks. The information contained on this site is concise, but should address most issues that may arise.
We encourage you to use the manual as a reference guide.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to contact the Office of University Communications and Creative Services at 985.549.2341 when creating publications – even of the smallest nature – to ensure that we are unified in our communications university wide.